I got bit by the NFT bug

I’ve been keeping blockchain in my peripheral since around 2014 and watching it evolve from the side lines. I’m not a developer so I didn’t dive into the nitty gritty knowing how many times I’ve tried to become better than basic(not the programming language :P) at code.

Around that time, unrelated, I stumbled on the generative art scene. I loved the creations people were making. And I was suprised how few people knew about it. Bought me a few books like:

– Generative Design, http://www.generative-gestaltung.de/2/

– Processing, By Reas and Fry

I’m not made to code. I’m impatient maybe. I tried. Not hard enough 😉

More recently I picked up this book:

– Form + Code, Reas, McWilliams, LUST

2019? Can’t quite remember. Refik Anadol happened. Holy fuck. I didn’t realize how much abstract art effects me. Blown away. GAN, what? huh? oh damn.

I eventually began to hear about cryptopunks through the sources I follow and trust. But it was beyond my pay grade. Interesting but not for me yet.

Come 2021. It’s blowing up. Twitter, clubhouse, and discord to name a few mainstream social sites is teaming with artists selling and buying NFT’s in such a supportive way. Seeing the support given at all levels of experience is amazing.

Artists are coming out of the wood work sharing all sorts of perspectives from all over the world and it’s changing the way artists are creating, communing, supporting and giving back.

And on top of that is the support from collectors and developers. Really caring and pushing amazing artists into the view of the public.

No matter where you are in life I suggest you take a strong look at blockchain and think about the implications to how people are implementing it. This technology is bridging the gap of our digital relationships and interactions. It will participate in every industry in some fashion and you may want to learn how it will potentially change yours.

I look forward to learning more and creating longterm relationships that will be recorded in some way on the blockchain for as long as we have nodes to host the data.

Go out and find what you love… 🙂

…on the blockchain.

Seattle based Video Producer + Cinematographer + Musician